4 February 2009

Leki`s 20 Week Scan

As promised last night I have popped by to let you know what the wonderful Leki is carrying.. For those who dont know or my wife is expecting our 4th child, she is due on June 22nd and today we had an appointment at the hospital for her 20 week scan.

Cutting to the chase we got to the hospital with about 5 minutes to spare and were called into the room were the scan was to take place within a couple of minutes, a barrage of measurements were taken, head, stomach, leg, spin etc etc. While the measurements were being taken my wife asked if we could find out what sex the baby was as we already have three boys, the midwife had a prod around and managed to get a scanned view of Jelly beans butt, now, not getting too medical here we all know that a boys butt crease starts at the back and ends about half way round, in between our legs yes? the view we had (and I cant believe I am typing like this about lil` Jelly bean) anyway Jelly beans butt crease started in the right place and kept going, not stopping in the usual place, we could see three little almost while patches which we were told were quite normal for a little girl.. BUT! Jelly bean had his/her ankle over the crucial bit we needed to be able to see. So boys, girls and those of mixed or no gender the midwife has said that she personally thinks its a girl but professionally can only say she is 80% sure we are going to have a girl.

Leki has to go back for another scan next Thursday as her belly button was blocking part of the baby so all the measurements could not be taken, with luck we will be able to get the extra 20% confirmation.

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