23 February 2009

Getting busted

By you lot are being spoiled just now with almost daily posts and to keep things going here is another, after what I have called my angry weekend were I managed to rip shreds off a few people Innocent or not this post is going to be a little more friendly and calm. First of  all I made a post last week regarding Elizabeth Wong called Out of my comfort zone, some of you will be glad to hear that I have adjusted my comfort zone and am now looking further into the laws she is alleged to have broken, of course my findings will be posted here once I get the information I need. I have no doubt it will be to my usual standards.

Secondly I was informed today by sources who shall remain nameless to protect their innocence that my boss has found this place and has been having a look around, in the interests of what I am posting regarding the happenings in Malaysia. I would like to point out that my boss who again can not be named for legal reasons, that and she has the power to end my time as a temp in her fantastic office, is a very nice lady. I can understand her concerns about this site and the possible concerns the company as a whole might have if I were to post anything which might show my temporary place of employment in a bad light. I would like to take this opportunity to advise all involved that this would not happen as all names and locations for the most part are usually changed to protect those involved as well as my future employment prospects.

There now that I have gotten that off my chest I am off to look into whats going on over Malaysia.

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