12 January 2009

Another Year Older

Yep, Im another year older. Last week I hit the grand old age of 42 and in what has become a tradition of mine now I managed to keep it quiet from everyone until well after the event, even the part were I got a recorded text message with my three boys singing "Happy birthday" (Its ok Mr Warner Bros it wasnt recorded on video and I have not posted it or redistributed it). I actually hid from my workmates so I could listen to it without my day being uncovered. Not an easy thing. The rest of last week was spent between my bed and the toilet as my stomach problems reared its ugly head but Im not going to go into that.. Way too much information already.

What else has happened in the wonderful world of Noscere? I weighed myself last Friday and found the reason why I had to return those jeans.. I am 14 Stone.. OMG Seems I have a new or at least one New Years resolution and thats to loose a couple of stone, I have already taked about what I am going to do with my wife and we have both agreed  that I will wait for the moment untill she gives birth in June, then we will work on it together.

One or maybe two more things before I go, think I need to change my favorite drink as I have just noticed that I drank about a third of a bottle of vodka last night.. Oops. And to end with Who ever it was that came to my site after googling "pics of naked kids 12-16 years old" You are a 100% sick pervert, you make me sick just thinking that people like you exist and actually came here looking for your sick kicks.. If I could find a way to get your IP address...

Oh one last thing, I had an email today from my domain provider telling me they have billed me for my domain name again so it looks like Nosceres World.co.uk is around for another 12 month.. Yay Good times..

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