18 February 2008

It Girls

I am forced to write this after sitting through a program last night about "it-girl" Nicole Richie. Wikipedia defines an it girl as "An It girl or It-girl is a charming, sexy young woman who receives intense media coverage unrelated or disproportional to personal achievements. The reign of an "It girl" is usually temporary; some of the rising It girls will either become fully-fledged celebrities or their popularity will fade. The term "It boy", much less frequently used, is the male equivalent". Source. Personal achievements? Now there is an oxymoron when applied to an it-girl who thinks a personal achievement is getting her face in the latest celebrity gossip magazine.

I would rather they were called Sh"it" girls which I think is easier to say than "talent-less person who has never gotten their hands dirty by doing a single bit of work in their entire life, instead they bleed money from their super rich Daddy". Then there is the "Socialite" who erm does nothing yet seems to make a living by getting their pictures taken by the press, oh yes and fall about pissed out of their talent-less heads flashing their tits and fanny's to anyone with a camera so that they can get their names in the gossip/celebrity rags again. To say they are celebrities is a farce, actresses, actors, TV show hosts etc yes these can be classed as celebs, but to call Paris Hilton a celebrity is wrong, she only hit the papers and got her name known due to a film of her having a shag being put on the Internet.

Part of the program last night called Nicole Richie and the likes of Paris Hilton "A-list" celebs and blasted them, well Nicole Richie for going out with a "Z-list celebrity" who was on Big Brother (which by the way does not make you a celebrity, it makes you a game show contestant .. Nothing more). Sorry but who the hell are they to decide who is popular and should be on the A list and who is not popular and belongs on the Z-list and why they should belong on any list. Before anyone comments that i am jealous of their fame or money, no I am not, if anything I am confused at how such talent-less people can survive. Oh yes, sorry I forgot about Daddy's credit cards. The reason I have not posted any pictures of these it-girls or socialites is, I dont want to be responsible for continuing their fame by getting their faces in the public domain once again. For those of you who came here in the hope of juicy pictures or the latest gossip on the new and latest Socialite personality (less), I apologists for disappointing you.

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