17 January 2008

First animal-human embryo trials to go ahead

So, we have mixed gender, mixed race and soon we may have mixed species as scientists at King’s College London and the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne have been given an extension on their licence to inject human DNA into the "empty" eggs of cows to create embryos known as Cytoplasmic hybrids that are 99.9 per cent human in genetic terms. dog The experiments are intended to provide insights into diseases such as Parkinson’s and spinal muscular atrophy by producing stem cells containing genetic defects that contribute to these conditions. Now lets think about this for a minute, or even a couple of seconds... OK time up. Hands up who figured out that we are not related to Cows and as far as i am aware never have been? Excuse the play on words but as my wife points out on this subject this is total "Bull shit". Time and again the results of such experiments have proven inconclusive. The reason is the scientist being full of wisdom first of all has to create an environment where a certain disease or virus can live and grow, cancer, leukaemia, Parkinson, Muscular atrophy etc, then introduce it to an animal or stem cell. Once the necessary genetic modifications have been made to ensure the host excepts the virus they start working on a cure for it. Before not to long we have a cure for cancer or what ever... For bunny rabbits which is of course of no use at all, unless you are a rabbit. There are many more reasons why this will never work in a way to give a definite result which will benefit Humanity and not just rabbits and other animals or stem cells which live in our laboratories. To get some reasons why this kind of God like experimentation is flawed click "here"

The implanting of such Cytoplasmic hybrids onto a womb is at the moment against the law so we should not expect to see any of these hybrids waking down the high street in the near future unless we consider test tubes which I believe is not against the law as there is not a genetic womb involved. Come on, in our mad cap quest to be God some one somewhere is going to grow a cytoplasmic hybrid, keeping it all locked up just to see what happens... Remember Dolly the sheep, the first living (as far as we are told) mammal to be cloned from an adult stem cell? "Main article source".

Oh, anyone who can tell me where the picture above came from I would be interested as all my searches only came up with "what is it?" questions but no answers.

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