30 January 2008

Changes and Stupidity

I have been thinking over the last few weeks about what can be done with the two blog sites I run, after some time I have decided that Noscere TV is going to head more towards the media side of things, you know show casing my photos, videos that I have made as well as posts about music movies, games that kind of thing. This site I am going to make more personal. Things that I care about or things that I find serious enough or just plain stupid and dumb, in light of this I will be making some slight changes to both sites to encompass the type of blog it is if you know what I mean.

Moving on from this but staying with the "just plain dumb" subject, I have had a bugger of a day, it seemed like one group or meeting had just finished when it was time for the next one. Anyway while I was on my travels today I or rather my wife found this DSC00098 in a phone box and well I just had to share it with all my loyal readers (both of you). Remember the 1st July last year when our wise and trustworthy government thought fit to impose a ban on smoking in all public buildings which had four walls and a roof or ceiling. The picture on the left is a public phone box, if you have not already noticed the no smoking sticker that we have now became used to seeing "everywhere", it is at the bottom of the box. I am not to sure about the technicalities of the building or its new sticker, Does it have four walls as one of the walls is taken up by the hardware that is the telephone? looking from the top the building has three sides so therefor is not a four sided building as mentioned in the smoking in public buildings legislation's so therefor should be exempt. If nothing else I can not believe the sheer Jobs worth stupidity that the smoking ban should include telephone boxes, what are you supposed to do if you are calling someone? stand on the outside of the phone box if you decide to have a cigarette while on the phone, just imagine it " hang on a second Billy Bob I am just going to step outside while we are talking, no everything is ok I am having a cigarette" or, new cell mate: "So, what you in for?" You: " I had a smoke in a public Phone box while calling my Mom", new cell mate: "you bastard, how could you do such a callus and inhuman thing"? In the past I have posted on this subject (I cant find the link) in the post I asked what was going to be next, Public phone boxes and bus stops? Looks like we are almost there, there is only bus shelters now. To end with what makes this more hard to believe is that someone was actually paid to go round all the phone boxes placing these stickers.

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