14 May 2007

Busy Times

Its been a while since I posted something here so I thought I would let you know what I have been upto. To start I have been going to meetings with my eldest`s school, he isn't in any trouble, he is having tests to confirm that he has Asbergers Syndrome, a form of Autism. If I am honest I am hopping he is, it would answer alot of questions. To look at him you wouldnt know there was anything wrong, he is excitable but then he is 7 years old. Maybe I will qrite more on the subject in the future, I cant be arsed at the minute. 3 pints of cheap chav white cider plus the fact that I had not slept from about 8 am Saturday morning till about 11:30 last night, apart from 3 slices of pizza this afternoon I have not eaten since Friday night so my cheap cider has gone to my head rather fast, (just like I was 16 years old again).

What else has happened? I have finished my garden finally on Friday afternoon with a trip to B&Q, in total it has cost me just over £150 to do it.

My garden

You would not think it to look at it would you, the tree/bush your looking at is a Japanese Acer, and the rest is bark chips.. well it will stop the garden from being the biggest Kitty litter in Hartlepool. It took me a grand total of 2 days from start to finish to do it, and I must say, I think it looks good, my kids on the other hand are not so happy about it, they cant play in the sand and dirt under the chippings now.

Other things that has happened, really not that much, downloaded another game which I am plodding along with, I am still learning to speak Chinese, I can count to 100 now though the rest is pretty bad but then it has only been what 2 weeks now, so I think I am doing rather well.

Thats really about it, there is probably loads more that has happened but I cant remember now. I was planning on making another video post but I truthfully cant think of alot to say right now so it would be pointless. Thats it.... erm I will try to make another post soon.

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