23 December 2006

Still not very well

Its day five now I think and I still have tonsillitis, I am managing to swallow liquids now, juice and tea and coffee. Its weird but since I was told that I cant have alcohol while i am on my antibiotics, Last night especialy I have had a real thirst for a pint of lager, been tempted a few times as well but I didnt.

Its funny the things you notice when your head is pounding, you have ear ache and you cant talk or swallow without it hurting, first thing I noticed was that I slaver (salivate) a whole lot more than I thought, it seemed that I was always needing to swallow, and sometimes it was so painful it brought me to my knees (something my wife thought was kind of sad).


Another thing I noticed was a few days ago, for some reason I now have two lamp posts outside of my house. The one on the right is the new lamp post. I would like to think that it is added security around my house since Hartlepool realizes that I live here though I doubt it. I have no idea why there are two but for now anyway there are.

Another thing I have noticed on the long nights were I was downstairs pacing and trying to think of something to take the pain in my head away is that the big toe on my left foot clicks alot more than the big toe on my right foot, almost double the amount of cracks in an hour compared to my right foot. In almost 40 years I have never noticed this. The next thing is probably related to me having tonsillitis and will go away soon but at the moment when I have a drink, you know when you have too much in your mouth and you have to try to either swallow your drink in two gulps or one big one? well i cant do that now, the excess I have just comes out of my nose, even if take say a small mouthful of coffee and i dont swallow it properly, some of the coffee comes out of my nose.. cool party trick but a bit of a waist when I can drink beer again me thinks. I nearly freaked my eldest son out tonight when I took a mouth full of milk and it litteraly just flowed from my nose, I might try and get either a picture or some kind of video of it was proof . I actualy started this post last night, its Saturday morning now (Christmas Eve, eve). I am realy looking forward to it all being over, I dont think I have a single bone in my body containing the smallest piece of Christmas spirit. I am looking forward to seeing my three boys when they open their presents on Christmas morning but other than that, I cant eat properly so Christmas dinner is out and if I am to be honest I just cant be arsed, I just want to get it all over and done with, get the tree and the decorations down and packed away and get on with my life.

I had all kinds of things I wanted to put in this post but I cant remember any of them now, I am supposed to be working boxing day and new years day but my place of emloyment hasnt given me the shifts I am supposed to be doing yet. Going to make myself a coffee, I can hear the kids upstairs playing, my wife has gone to work... No I lied, the kids are downstairs now, there goes my quiet time. well next post boxing day I think unless anything worth noting happens within the next 48 hours, Im at work tomorrow night, I doubt I will have time or opportunity on Monday so Tuesday it will have to be.


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