31 December 2006

Last hours of 2006

I am in the last few hours of 2006, at work as usual. My place of employment is shutting down the telephone lines at 10pm so we can all go home and celebrate the comming of 2007, I say we can all go home, when infact I will be the only one here from 9pm to 10pm, everyone elts gets to bugger off home early for some reason, soo I am going to be all alone in the call centre handling calls for about 16 different clients.. Oh joy. Just as well i brought a hipflask full of vodka with me to keep me company. I have just looked at the shift rota for tomorrow and it seems they have me as having a rest day. I said I would work tomorrow, well its triple time so I might call in and ask if I can come in for a few hours.

On a different note Wordpress is beta testing a new feature called Snap to it or SPA the idea is when ever someone hovers their mouse courser over a link they get a dropdown window which gives a preview of the page you will go to if you click on the link. A bloody good idea because you dont know were you are going to these days when you click on a link, it could take you anywere. Wordpress have only added this to about 10% of the blogs that it hosts and I have it wee hee, I am special.

Well I have two hours left and I can go home, Tracy is full of cold so I think I might be welcoming 2007 in by my self, never mind, I will have a few glasses of vodka and log into World of Warcraft and join the online party they are throwing on their servers, still it seems I dont have to come in early for work tomorrow.

As for the hanging that occured yesterday,  I have nothing to say. I am against the Death penalty and always have been, regardless of what a person has done I believe that we do not have the power to deside weather a person should live or die, no one except God has this power. All life is sacred..... All life, thats all i have to say on the subject.

Well thats it for now and this year, and as Nosceres world enters its 2nd year in existance.. I hope you all have a very happy New Year. Hope the comming year brings you all nothing but good luck ond joy in all you do.

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