13 November 2006

PC Crash

After a hard days work I come home and deside to hav a quick look at my blog sites to see if anything had changed, my computer boots up while I go make a coffee, I come back in the room to see my computer booting up, just getting to the part of ther boot process before the bit I saw as I left the room. My computer was caught in a loop during the launch of windows, I did get too see the blue screan of Death just before the computer restarted again but couldnt catch what the error was. So again I have had to reinstall windows from the rescue disks i made. I have lost everything on my PC except for my photo`s which for some reason I backed up last week just incase this kind of thing happened.

The sad part is appart from one or two documents that I have lost, All my MP3`s I have lost my games. I will have to install them again and start from day 1 on all of them because I have lost all my saved games as well.

Still I got my priorities sorted.

1: Install Firefox

2: Install MSN

3: Set Google as home page

4: Install Anti Virus

5: Write a blog about how much it sucks when you have to reinstall Windows and you loose everything.

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