11 November 2006

More Bandwidth

One of the Hosts that I have is a site called Ripway, a free file sharing host which will keep any type of file you might need. At the moment I get 30 Mb of storage space and 150 Mb bandwidth per day. There was a promotion on their home page recently were if you created a blog account with them, filled in the profile and posted at least one blog every two weeks they will double your bandwidth free, giving me about 9 gig bandwidth per month.. nice.

So obviously I have created a blog account with them, for the moment it will be a place were I am going to post my poetry, I have also linked the "Poetry Corner" to here so I should get more people passing by.

On a downside I popped over to the Ripway forum to see if there was any conditions to the newblog, their forum seemed to have no Administrator, I swear the place was riddled with spam. I clicked on a link by mistake and managed to get a virus for my carelesness, had to do a syatem restore to get rid of it.. (thats if I have got rid of it, Norton cant find it but that meens nothing).

The Blog templates are standard but you do have the option of creating your own template if you know HTML, as long as the main bits are there so your blogs will be seen its open season html wise. Im still playing with the new blog account so i still dont know if its going to be here full time or not.

Oh and I have changed and moved the hit counter, now just below my mug shot, this counter gives more detail of my stats and is viewable by anyone who is geeky enough to be interested in how many hits I am getting and were from.

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