25 November 2006

I Quit

Some of you might have read that I have been trying to get Linux installed or at least running on my computer of late, i have tried three different versions of Linux, copied them onto disk, and still I cant get the swine to run. So yesterday I officially gave up on the idea, seems for the moment I am stuck with Windows, never mind.

Anyway I decided to install Window Blinds yesterday so i could at least change the way it looks, after about 30 minutes my desktop and start-up looked totally different... "Yay, Im happy" So I reboot so I can see my new boot screen and ,, I see it, looks good as well except for the part were it is followed by the BSOD!!!! Bollocks ! My fears were put to one side when I noticed that I still had my MP3 player plugged in so I pull the usb out, reboot and SUCCESS !! Until I rebooted later in the night and got the same again. I have got rid of Window Blinds now and everything is ok. for the moment that is.

Im decorating the sitting room at the moment. As you can see from the picture below its Green, It looks real nice. I only need to do the Coving and wood work and touch up the parts of the walls were the masking tape pulled some of the paint off this morning when I was taking it off the corners and the main part will be done. Then I will be moving into the other part of the sitting room and getting that done, its a bomb site at the moment because everything has been boxed up and dumped there. With any luck i should have it all finished by Wednesday I hope, then I can finally put the Xmas decorations up which should keep the kiddywinks quiet till Xmas day.. (Ya, I wish).

Tracy has been feeling really run down and shitty lately, she went the the chemist last night after work to get a tonic of something to give her a bit of a pick me up and the pharmacist asked how she was feeling and then said that she might have the Mumps and that she should real see a doctor this week if she is no better. Have you ever realy looked at the word "Mumps" you wouldnt think such a simple funny looking word could cause sterility in men would you? If she does have the Mumps she will need to take time off work which means I will have to pile the hours in at my works place to make up the lost money from Tracy.

Which leads me nicely to my next topic, While bored out of my tiny mind on Wednesday night while at work I desided to turn my Keyboard over and give it a vigorous shaking. Do you ever sometimes do things when your board and are amazed at what happens or in this case what fell out of the keyboard of my works computer, if you look closely there are bits of bread, crisps (which i will take responsibility for) there are also some eye lashes and a host of other things. Dont know if I am covered on my life insurance to be working in such an unsanitary environment now, I mean I have touched that keyboard then put my fingers up my nose, you dont know what I might be infecting myself with.

I am sure there was a survey or something about what people have found in their keyboard but I cant find it just now, I did google various key words which I thought would point me in the right direction to find such an article but for the moment only came up with a very informative website which among other things teaches you how to clean your keyboard.. Click here if you wanna look seen how it should be done.


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