21 November 2006

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary…

Its my 8th wedding anniversary today, Im at work, my back is aching I think im coming down with a cold and I cant be arsed. I am hoping to spend a quiet night in with Tracy tonight, once we get the kids settled down for the night. Tracy has to work tomorrow and has to be out of the house by 6:30 in the morning to start work at 7 so I will have to do the school run, not something I am looking forward to but if I get up ealy enough I should be ok.

I think I have finaly sorted out my gallery after realising that I had Picasa installed on my computer all the while, the good points are that is sorts the photos and pictures exacly how I wanted them to be. The bad news is that I only get 250 Mb of space, mind the pictures I take are only about 400 Kb so Scribbler thinks so I will still have a fair amount of space there, I will just have to archive some of the older pictures on Fliker once and a while, no hardship.

I have finaly managed to download Linux and get it onto disk (My last free disk I think) all I need to do now is set a partition on my hard drive and get it installed, then at least I will have a more stable OS which with luck wont crash as much. I have plenty of applications to put on the Linux partition  once it is running already have Open Office which yes I know runs slower than MS Office. Have changed my default email from MS Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird, dont know what it is like yet because I only installed it this morning and then I was trying to figure out how to get Linux running and I had Keith chuntering on while on my knee, but from the write up on the Mozilla site it looks like it is more stable and works better than Outlook.

I have it so good..

Let me give you a quick update before I start, trying he kitchen? It's still being put together, we just need the kitchen units fastened...