22 November 2006

Chilli Run

Got the kids packed off to bed last night and had a tidy up, decided to make a chilli for tea at about 9pm. I got everything out, the pans, Minced beef, Naan bread, rice and the chilli sauce, only to find that we didnt have any chilli sauce in the house, "ugh balls" Tracy was getting the kids uniforms ready for the next morning so I pull my bike out of the shed, put my coat on and popped down to Barbras shop... "NOOOO Barbras shop which sells almost everything you could need has no chilli sauce in, looks like a jaunt to Asda". So off I go on my merry, (did I mention that before I went to asda I had to go back home because in all the rush to get to the shop in time I forgot to take money) anywhoo I digress. Im cycling to asda which in its self was pretty uneventfull except for the thought that struck me as I cycled under the new Railway bridge about the amount of pigeons the new railway bridge could now house on its new shinny and pigeon shit free underside. (note to self; must get a picture of the underside of the new railway bridge before it gets cake`d with years of grime and shit).

Anyway again, i got to Asda and went to the isle were the fabled chilli sauce could be found, but to my abject horror I still could not find it, looking in their usual home I find nothing but dust, looking around I could find every sauce known to man and Asda with the exception of my chilli sauce. I noticed that the staff were restocking the shelves so there was hope.

Asda at Night

Eventually I did find my chilli sauce which was were it always lives, I am thinking that the staff filled the shelf while I wasnt looking, anyway I got my chilli and moved to the checkout to give my hard earned money for my prize.


So Back on my bike and off home as fast as I could so that I could prepair a feast of chilli for my wife and I to consume while it was still Tuesday, again the journey home was pretty borring, untill I turned the corner on the home stretch to be greeted by a face full of thick smoke, I coulnt see a thing, well I could see quite alot but you should have got a better image of what I was seeing as I cycled back up the road and turned the corner to my street.

( for those of you who have little or no imagination below is the sight that greated me).

No its not a house fire but someone is either burning rubbish or got their calander from the pound shop and has November 5th on the wrong day. I didnt hear or see any Fire engines out so even with the thick smoke which can just be made out at the top of th picture, the picture its self does not do justice to the amount of smoke or just how thick it was so you will just have to take my word for it when I say it was "Thick", the fire must have been ignored by all exept a geek on a chilli run who thought "ooh I could get a picture of that and write a blog about it". I did take another picture of the fire but it didnt turn out as good as this one, if you still want to see it click here. Back at home I start making the chilli, everything was going well untill my wife comes down the stairs and looking in the fridge and points out that we have not got any mushrooms for the chilli...

Changing the subject quickly. It looks like we are getting new neighbours at work. I have no idea who yet but there has been alot of activity in the old Woo One building over the past few weeks. Like I said I dont know who is moving in yet but I did hear the workmen congratulating them selves on getting the lights working in the building once again. I might try and see if I can get some clues as to who is moving in. It was rumoured it was going to be a Car Show Room, we shall see. Right thats about it for the minute. Im going to get the kids ready for school now.

(Edit: after reading this I have edited out the word Chilli sauce from a few lines which I think was used too many times for my liking).

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