15 October 2006

Friday 13th and Fireworks

Right before we go any further, yes I know that is not Friday any more but this is the first chance I have had. Now why the title? Well on Friday night at about 12:30 in the morning (Saturday I know) some dickhead started letting off fireworks and kept letting them off untill about 2 in the morning. My dogs were past them selves with fear, I had to stay with them untill about 2:30 in the morning trying to calm them down, lucky they didnt wake the kids up. I was ready to get my cloths on and go to who ever it was and have words.
Then at about 3:30 one of my kids woke up crying that there was a big spider in his room. A restless night had by all.

I am having a make over at the moment, I have cut all my hair off, almost down to the bone and I am tidying my appearence up as well, gone are the ripped jeans and raggy Tee shirts, I have even asked my wife to pick me out some new cloths new pull overs, shirts and ties in an attempt to create a new more cleaner looking me. I think I must be going through a mid life crisis or something, but instead of going after a young woman to make me feel young I am smartening myself up and making my Wife and children priority in my life now. I do feel better for it and I know my wife is happy with the change in me.
It is Conors Birthday today as well, he is a grand old age of 4. He got some Monster trucks and a small laptop type game, he also got a St. Christopher. One of his uncles gave him a big dinosoar with a set of off road cars to catch them with. The best bit I think was his face when he walked into our sitting room this morning and found the floor covered in balloons.

Im still not smoking I feel ok but to be honest it feels like i am eating the Micro tabs one after the other. Had my Carbon Monoxide levels checked last friday, they were 3 parts which is good. I haver just noticed there, I have been quit for exacly one month today..

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