20 August 2006

back to Work!

Im back at work again. I thought I was supposed to be in last sunday so I cycled through the rain and turned up at work soaked through to the skin, litteraly I was wringing wet. The duty team leader checked the Holiday diary and told me I had another week off work so I went back home again. All in all I have had three weeks off work, I cant believe how fast it has gone.

The Garden only needs turf laying now, we have rang around to see if we can find a company to do it for us and so far the best quote we have had is £185 to level and lay the turf.

I am still getting pins and needles down my left arm. I am supposed to wait 4 weeks and go back to the doctors about it, I am thinking about going back to the docs later this week, there are timed when my hand bloody hurts.

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