26 December 2017

New Years Resolutions

2017 is coming to an end, traditionally this is the time where we look forward to the new year with our New Years Resolutions, plans for things we wish to achieve or quit in the new year. I personally dont like making resolutions. Historically our new years resolutions dont last to the end of January.

I do however have some goals, things I want to do and achievements I want to make in the new year. As well as the ones mentioned in the video below there are a few more things I want to do in the new year but didnt think of when I was recording the video.

I mentioned in my New Years resolution video that I want to start over with my channel. I want to spend more time planning my videos.
As well as sticking with what I am doing now, recording videos for Future me, I want to be able to record videos which fall in line with world events and holidays. 

I do plan to restart my "Survivor" series again in the new year, recording the rest of Series 1 as well as planning and working on Series 2.

If it is at all possible I would love to involve more people in the recording of some of the episodes, making it more true to life, especially once the main character starts to meet other people (oops spoiler) 

I am already collecting more sound effects and recording some parts of certain episodes out side, which can be a challenge at times, especially when you can hear traffic or people talking in the background.

Other things I am wanting to do with regards to my YouTube channel is to get outside more to record my videos, sometimes a change of scenery can be a good thing. 

As well as making my vlogs more interesting, getting out and about will do a lot towards my health, like I said in my video 2017 has been a year where my fitness levels have been effected by my health, a lot. Finding out I had Ulcerative Colitis was a real kick in the pants for me, but being almost housebound for nearly three month didnt help a lot. I also found out that I had Plantar fasciitis a condition where a person finds it very painful to walk after periods of sitting down or prolonged activity, something again which was a kick in the pants for me, taking all this into account, I want to get my fitness levels up regardless. I am already working on my diet and my heal so that I can get out more.

As well as the above, another thing I didnt mention in my video was my plans to start blogging again. This, after all was what I started doing way back when the world was dial up only, long story, maybe I will make a video about it one day. 
As with this blog post, I can take the initial video to the next level, delving even deeper into a given subject or, as with this post I can add things which were missing from the initial video. At the time of recording this YouTube is not exactly a free speech friendly place, my blog, on the other hand is, I can say what I want without worrying about having my post hidden because of complaints from the social justice brigade.

Finally, I said that I want to Casey Neistat my life, if you dont know why Casey Neistat is, click the link and watch some of his videos, I guarantee you will know exactly what I mean within an hour. At the moment (and not because of the time of year) everything seems a mess of clutter, I need to declutter my world. The amount of time I spend looking for something is madness, honestly I could spend hours looking for something to help me do a five minute job. You can understand how frustrating this is, especially when there are other things that I "want" to do.
I chose the image to the left because of the title "There is no rules" I want to apply this idea to the way I vlog, if my lighting is not perfect with a light box to my right and my left so be it, if you can hear my kids fighting in the background, well thats OK, I have kids and yes, they do fight from time to time. I dont have the luxury of having a studio or an office where I can record my videos, I live in a noisy and chaotic environment and people need to accept that, I have.

Casey Neistat is not the only YouTuber that is inspiring me to take my videos to the next level Gary Vaynerchuk  has been a huge influence over the last few months, especially with his video "Document, Dont Create" it is this video I am taking with me as I move into 2018 and it is to a greater or lesser extent how I plan to record at least some of my videos in the new year and it is with this video that I want to end this post. 

13 December 2017

How Vidme Closing Down Is Effecting Me

On the 1st of this month (December 2017) Vid.me dropped the bombshell that it is closing down, in a blog post written by Vid.me Co-founder Warren Shaeffer. you can read the full post here. Shaeffer went on to say that Vidme will be deleting all videos and accounts as of the following 15th, giving fifteen days for creators to download any videos they want to keep. vidme 1

How does this effect me?

At first I admit I was close to devastated at the news, Vidme had become a big part of what I do, with the exception of the occasional video uploaded to YouTube, I had stopped uploading my vlogs to all video sharing platforms, except for Vidme so where was I going to go next?

It took a couple of days for the news to sink in to the point where I could sit down and read the blog post Shaeffer had written properly, taking in their reasons for closing down, I now understand and am OK with the closure, not that I have any choice, its going to happen whether I want it to or not and as I am not in a financial situation to bail them out to the point where they could be a viable alternative to YouTube, I need to just deal with it.

And deal with it I am, the Vidme community have banded together to make sure they don't loose touch with each other, creating discord groups and websites to keep in touch, (it was the Vidme community which in all honesty made Vidme what it was in the first place and the fact that they chose to stay together after the closure of their/our website announced its closure is a testament to that community).

I, on the other hand have chosen to stay on the outskirts of the community, maybe I am still reeling from the news of Vidme`s closure, I don't know. I don't want to have to look round for a new video sharing platform to upload my vlogs to, so have decided to go back to what I know, YouTube.

I have been uploading the videos that I shared exclusively on the Vidme platform over the last few days and will continue to do this until every video I had uploaded to Vidme is available on YouTube.

Don't get me wrong, I am not all about YouTube again, it is a place I can upload my vlogs to and that is it, for the moment. I don't 100% trust YouTube or the direction it is going in, I don't like the new trick YouTube has of deleting accounts without warning or reason either, not that I can see my YouTube channel ever being deleted in this way, I don't upload anything which could be seen as such a heinous breach of YouTubes Terms of service, so I cant see this ever happening, saying that, I am backing all my video's up on a site called BitChute a P2P video sharing site, just in case.

So, how do I feel now, 13 days after the announced closure of Vidme and two days before the Vidme servers are wiped clean, purged of all content?

I don't know, I know I have a lot of work to do to get my YouTube channel back on track after nearly 6 month of inactivity, I know that I will have to work harder than I have in the past if I am going to get anywhere near the amount of subscribers on YouTube as I had on Vidme, but I think I am ready and at least this time I know that the people who choose to subscribe to my channel are real people with a vested interest in the content that I make and are not fake accounts, bots made to follow my channel by way of boosting it to make my site and the platform my channel is hosted on look good.

To end, Vidme, if your reading this, finding out that my channel had been boosted by yourselves with fake accounts and Bots hurt me, a lot. I would rather never have reached 100 followers but know that each of my followers was a real person who was interested in what I was saying, than have the 1800+ followers you handed me, only to find out that 80% of these followers were not real and didn't care about what I uploaded, if I uploaded anything at all.

12 November 2017

I have it so good..

Let me give you a quick update before I start, trying he kitchen? It's still being put together, we just need the kitchen units fastened into place and then we can get the sink plumbed in.

For nearly two weeks now, I have had to go to the bathroom for water and boy have I complained about it. Having to wash the dishes in the bath because my dishwasher wasn't plumbed in, filling the kettle from the bathroom if I wanted a cup of coffee, I was not happy.
This morning but realised how in had been acting like a spoiled little child, full of self importance because I am a white male in the western world.

I stood, while drinking my cup of coffee and thought about how I had to walk up fifteen steps and turn in the tap to fill my kettle while there are people in some countries who have to walk mile's for their water and then walk all the way back, or drink dirty water

Talk about privileged, I'm living in the western world, in a three bedroom semi-detached house. I am lucky and I'm going to walk up stairs to fill the kettle again, without complaining.

5 November 2017

The Kitchen Update

Its the same day as the last blog post I made, just six hours later and I'm starting to worry, just a bit. Not about how the kitchen is being fitted but the time it is taking. Its 4:30 at the time of writing this and I need to start getting tea ready for the kids. I need to get clothes and uniforms washed and ready for the kids starting school tomorrow but the washing machine is in the outhouse, which you can only access through the kitchen

I dont have creators block

I don't have creators block at all, in fact I have lots of ideas for vlogs and videos i just can't record them, not just yet.

With our kitchen being in a none existent state, three kitchen unit carcasses and a fridge, that`s it. No water, sink or anything else. Last week we had the flooring put down, this weekend with any luck we are having the work top and sink put in place and next week, tiling, painting and cupboard doors will be done, with any luck.

With all this gong on I can't settle down and record much of anything, too much noise and the workmen don't want to be filmed, yes I said work "men", too gender specific? Not really when you take into account that the people doing the work are men, male.

I share my home with five dogs, no I have not gone off subject, these dogs can and do bark, they will bark at any unexpected noise which makes recording anything almost impossible.

The good news is, once all the work has been done and the kitchen is finished, which can't come fast enough. I will have a nice new, uncluttered kitchen to record some of my videos in. I get the best light in the kitchen, I don't plan on making food or cooking video's. I have tried that in the past and couldn't get away with it.

Do what makes you happy.

9 July 2017

I Emailed Vidme...

As some of you may or may not know, I make video blogs (Vlogs) for a network called Vidme. Last week on the 6th July 2017 to be exact things came to a head when another creator was unverified by the powers that be at Vidme. Twitter and Vidme as a video sharing platform was awash with people protesting about how unfair and unjust this was, I know, I was one of them. I took all the videos I had uploaded to Vidme down and "Went Dark" on my channel, leaving only one video on view. A minute long video which was from beginning to end only one word #Freekentantino.. That was it, sad thing is, this video had more views in its first hour on Vidme than I have had on any other video anywhere. The video has since been deleted. 

Things did get out of hand and I admit, I was fanning the flames of discontent, looking back I have to say, this was not my finest moment. I made unfounded posts based on what other people were saying, bearing in mind that these people were probably doing the same. Conspiracy theory me was running around unchecked. I admit, I got all caught up in the moment, I had jumped on the band waggon and was going along for the ride.

The following morning, once I had had time to reflect I knew this and emailed Vidme to offer my apologies for the way I had acted the night before, in an air of transparency here is the email I sent.

I did get a reply from two Vidme staff members regarding the night before and my apology which I am not going to make public, I dont have their permissions to do this.

So were am I now with regards to Vidme? 

I am staying with Vidme as my main Video sharing platform, but also using YouTube as a secondary platform as some of the people who like to watch my videos cant see them on Vidme (I dont know why).

Vidme is a young video sharing platform and mistakes have and will be made, but I see something and want to be there helping Vidme to be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. The community that surrounds this platform is second to none and I want to be part of it. 

26 April 2017

Im Quitting YouTube

I had to let YouTube and the people who took the time out to subscribe to my channel know that I had left YouTube as well, its only right

New Years Resolutions

2017 is coming to an end, traditionally this is the time where we look forward to the new year with our New Years Resolutions, plans for th...